Professional Spray Painters All Have The Same Problems

     Being in the profession for so many years, we’ve come to know the issues we face while spraying pretty well and we’ve solved many of them. If you have a floor model spray rig with a pickup tube, I GUARANTEE you that you’ve stuck something underneath the bucket to tilt it towards the end of spraying. And if you’re spraying small projects such as cabinets or furniture and are using a single or double gallon bucket to spray out of, I know you’ve propped something against the side to prevent the pickup tube from tipping the bucket over. Accidents from pulling your spray line too hard? Yep, we’ve all been there once or twice.


“Check the paint!”… Sound familiar? It’s a constant worry while your spraying in large volume because you’re going through a gallon every couple of minutes and if you run out, you suck up air and then it’s time to bleed the line and that’s a waste of time.